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The way of art-continues, the art invades the spaces of the dayly life Wensday, the 1st of December, at 18:00. For the public of Conti Club from Milano it will be opened the exhibition of Laurenţiu Dimişcă.

The young Romanian artist is among the first 10 possible winners of the prize Paraxo 04 di Andora (SV).

He gives heart to his paintings, on canvas or directly on the wall, using vivid colors which speak about love. This thing explains the omnipresence of the soul. We meet images representing icons from the churches and in the same time, oriental characters. The paintings have powerful impact over which the author invents an emotional work. The laws of the space and perspective are not important, the man is what it matters, the man painted with bright colors: red, blue, green; the man described by the artist in his daily life, in his duality, in his choices, swinging between good and evil.

There are images which recall the frantic rhythm of life, underlining the positive aspects as well as the negative ones and which characterizes him. A message rich in notions, leaving an energetic and positive mark.

Art Curator Alessandra Dott. ssa Pischedda, Centro Culturale Paraxo Alassio, Italy



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