Colors Which Flood the Sights

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At the Castle From Beaulieu: Colors Which Flood the Sights

In these first days of spring there is an exhibition which must not be missed in the castle from Beaulieu, in Riorges, for the eyes and heart spoil, for the humanity emanated.

The two exhibition rooms from the castle are reserved up to 1st of April for the Romanian painter, Laurenţiu Dimişcă, who came to exhibit in our region due to the Roannais brotherhood. The surprise is a big one: from the first room the light and the colors jump in our faces. Is raw art and it overwhelms us by its agglomeration of details, its (fake) naivety and its true generosity. Because Laurenţiu Dimişcă paints the Humanity with capital “H”, big format, with exuberance.

The paintings are everywhere, some in the transparency of the windows, some are hanging from the height of the staircases, not fit on the walls being so big. A big agglomeration of small formats dresses a wall with thousands of colors. A real shock.

Rarely we have the chance to witness such an abundance of colors, such a mixture of ideas. Dimişcă calls this exhibition “Diary”, wanting to describe the Humanity he describes himself and all these characters are just some imaginary self-portraits. Of course, none of them resembles with him, this is not what he meant but the wish to express the amalgam of joy and sorrows which makes a whole in every man. “Everybody  discovers the Humanity and Humanity is each of us”, explains the painter.


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