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Laurenţiu Dimişcă, 33 years old in 2010, has a well defined art, finishing-we can say-a first stage of an artistic activity, quite sustained, counting more than 2000 works. What did he get so far? First of all an original plastic language, fit with the new sensibility of the 2000 generations, from here or elsewhere, starting with a primary and candid figuratism, passing it through an expresionism, sharpened by the new eco-riots and joining it in a vast narrative mythology, with a nostalgia for monumentalism. Secondly, „The Little Picasso”, as Dimişcă is called, got some kind of indolence of the color, a harshness which wraps with a guilty spell his works, so that they look like a fresco on a country like walls, freshly painted. Finally, also in this stage, the young artist-indisputably the most successful product from Neamţ on the European market-has learned to relate, to communicate with his colleagues from the same generation, to promote himself abroad.

He can be considered as a part of that “neurotic neorealism” about which it has been talking here with a great deal of interest since the beginning of this millennium, a sort of  “crazy” incantation  about the reality.

Lately it he is concerned with the tint of some specificity very well localized, the mark of an identity which the artists are cultivating today like an mandatory reference. The risks which he must avoid: a premature mannerism so that his projects not to lower from the symbolism to allegory, from archetype to anecdote; the precipitation, the hunger for the imaginary buildings not to drag him apart from the essence, from the artist who scans the depths condition. Laurenţiu Dimişcă has for sure, as an advantage, a visionary maturity which makes us curious about the attitude he’ll get in the next stage of  the creation.

Cristian Livescu, art critic, UAP.

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