Laurentiu Dimisca, the Upsurge of the Heart

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Laurenţiu Dimişcă, the Upsurge of the Heart

During the exchanges with the Piatra-Neamţ, the municipality from Riorges proposed to the young revelation-artist Laurenţiu Dimişcă, as the Roanne municipality did in 2003, to exhibit at the castle from Beaulieu. The color transports love and sensibility, an entire…unique art.

What a color and optimism explosion at the castle from Beaulieu! With his acrylics on canvas, Laurenţiu Dimişcă takes us in a dreamy universe, a world of love, in which the heart symbol has a special place. “Let’s fight against the empty heart. The presence of Cupids in my paintings reminds the people that we must live, love, and love each other as human beings.”

Globally, Laurenţiu claims a joyful expression of love. Some of his characters seem haunted, even tortured by love and its tentacles, but the artist defends himself saying that he didn’t mean to present love as a suffering but only the love explosion, with all the love has as expression and feeling. So what for this upsurge of the heart and as a new phenomenon, so many self-portraits? It’s about a lot of sensibility in this new stage of the work. Dimişcă told us that he made a self-portrait with a broken heart and soon after finishing it he had a heart attack. Other paintings made just before an event makes him to talk about artistic premonitions due to an exacerbated sensitivity.

 The faces, the self-portraits as well, are not accidentally alike the icons from the Oriental Christianity. He practices the gold iconography academically and you have the impression that he thinks this icons in a special manner. You also find in his colored cut the colored glass window art, which leads to the sacredness of the Dimişcă’s art. Still, the love he spreads for the human beings is as profane as it can be.

Laurenţiu Dimişcă uses and abuses colors. As he declares, he plays with them so much that he always spreads too many and in this way he must harmonize them. His pallete, as unique as his art is put on the canvas, on plates, on furniture, here in the castle from Beaulieu, as well as on the walls. So starting from from Friday Laurenţiu Dimişcă will be at “l’Art en Marche” Museum from Lapalisse to paint a whole wall of the façade. He is fascinated by that place where there are gathered works of singular and raw art. When he returns is Romania, Laurenţiu Dimişcă, presently studying to for a Ph.D. in raw art, wants to open a museum for it. For the moment a gallery from Croix-Rousse has just come with a proposition, to exhibit in Lyon.

 (in “Le Pays Roannais”, 22nd of March, 2007, signed S.T.)


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