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Laurenţiu Dimişcă is a paradoxical painter, oscillating between the monumentality and the fine calligraphy of the paintings from the medieval manuscripts. Learning perfectly the European lesson, deforming the objects or making them geometric, practicing the(so much disparaged) art of collage, Dimişcă secretly adheres to the spiritual family of South-Americans, taking over from them, in a creative way the irony pushed up to grotesque, the surrealist narrative, caricature, the almost spherical forms of  Botero, but also the “fear of the emptyness”, illustrated in so many “decorations” of the plastic spaces. Although he paints large formats, Laurenţiu loves every square millimeter painted, every point of “support” with which he doesn’t move the universe but dislocates it and puts it between parenthesis. For Dimişcă everything can be painted, sculpted, decorated, drawn, written. Maybe his secret dream is to re-paint the nature, with its basic elements: the sky, the tree, the flower, the human being, the feelings, among which the love remains the favorite theme.

A painter easy to recognize but always unpredictable. Dimişcă wears the apron and has the faith of the chosen ones.

 Lucian Strochi, writer, literary and art critic, literary manager in the theater from Piatra Neamţ


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