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Dimişcă is in a relation of dependence with the new figuration, as Robert Combas, Dirosa..

Dimişcă has got everything to be the leader of this Free Figuration. His work is between Raw Art and Contemporary Art. He has boldness in brush, in color. He has spontaneity in ideas, in the narrated happenings. He is a narrative painter. His inspirational source is the great culture where from he extracts: mythologies reviewed and improved by himself, folk-tales from his childhood, from his homeland.

He paints with a warlike passion, with exaltation, with a great deal of physical engagement. However, Dimişcă doesn’t make war but love through his colors. He can pass from icon to the erotic painting. Both will be full of tenderness and love. Look in the eyes of his characters…they love you! Dimişcă loves you too, as much as he loves Art and Freedom. He helps us to travel back in time, his imagination strikes you, overflows, fills you, hits you with the colors of his characters, from the past, yet so present.

What if nothing would be changed, what if everything would stay still…what if everything would be alike…what if there would be no difference…? Dimişcă asks and asking questions means to believe in future. His work is full of that optimism, which is indispensable for the development of the art.

Is he a painter? Philosopher? Both, carry him undoubtly to the peak of the art. As all the artists of the world, he is a defender of the freedom of creation. Realism and Utopia lead his hand, he hurries, paints fast, there are many things to be done and the life is so short. He is possessed by grace, it seems that he does everything effortlessly, his easiness, his skill surprises you when you get lucky and have the chance to watch him painting-which is very rare. His bashfulness and shyness makes him more comfortable in the solitude of his workshop than in public.

I can write page after page about Dimişcă and his work…, so much did he surprise me, astonish me…he was like a thunder strike. I am sure that Dimişcă will amaze us again.

P.S.: If you will visit France come to see the mural painting made by Dimişcă on the wall of my museum from Lapallise, in Allier, in the middle of  France. It happened  in a spring day, with a golden sun, golden as his yellow colors.

I stop here! Enough!

 Luis Marcel, Professor of Sculpture, Raw Art and Contemporary Art expert, founder of “Galerie des 4 coins”, specialized in Raw Art, founder of “L’Art in Marche Museum” from Lappalise and Hauterives.

Luis Marcel


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