Social Project in Piatra-Neamt (Romania)

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Social Project in Piatra-Neamt (Romania)

The “Elena Doamna” Services Centre in Piatra-Neamt hosted a happy event: the special outcome of an exemplary research. Mrs Felicia Sandu’s speech – the director of the Centre – stands proof: “The artist Laurenţiu Dimişcă, carried out a work show, to be more specific, a large mural environmental work in the assembly hall of “Elena Doamna” Services Centre. The following children worked alongside the artist: Ivanov Marius, Alexa Andrei, Sarion Gaby, Mârţ Iosif, Botez Iolanda, Ciurcu Alexandra, Smău Mihaela, Zamfiriuc Katy, Plătică Elena, Grecu Maria. There are two facilities operating in “Elena Doamna” Services Centre (the former Children’s Home No 3): “Călin” and “Smărăndiţa” Homes. This is a residential-type protection service fostering 85 children facing difficulties. Our facility provides certain services – e.g. protection, care, education, counselling, orientation, career, monitoring, assessment, liaising with the world outside the centre – with a view to preventing social exclusion and preparing the children for their reintegration in the community. As part of the integration and reintegration process, the centre also prepares the children with a view to cooperating with the families. Moreover we provide tailored educational and catching/recovering programmes in order to secure the global development of the child, to develop occupational skills via certain programmes.”

 The visual artist, Laurenţiu Dimişcă, took part in many exhibitions, fairs, openings, biennales and art contests, both in Romanian and abroad. He is a member of Union of Visual Artists, [UAP] frequently awarded national and international prizes, he is an Ambassador for Euro-integration via Arts, he is a member of the international association “L`ART EN MARCHE”, etc. Mr Dimişcă has a PhD in Arts. Many of the works created by the ingenious artist are exhibits of contemporary art museums as well as private collections in the country and abroad, e.g. in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, the USA, China and the Dominican Republic.

Dr Laurenţiu Dimişcă: “my goal was to carry out a work show (a creative act involving more people, mainly children with artistic skills, at the “Elena Doamna” Centre) financed by the Neamt County Council grants. The first step of this project was to paint a wall in the assembly hall, in al secco colours, together with these children. The title of this project is “Homeless Children – Our Children, Nobody’s Children”. By carrying out this project, my aim was to give a chance to those who were born lacking this chance. These sad-eyed children are abandoned – they have more to tell than anyone else does. I wish to bring them joy, joy of living, the game, and happiness by means of colours self-confidence and confidence in tomorrow, a better, more beautiful day.”

  The meaning of the pedagogy of generosity – an example offered by Laurenţiu Dimişcă by involving those who wish to put their call to creative value – is not only noble and recovering, but it belongs to the title of the great fresco he coordinated: “THE BOG FAMILY or LOVE ON STRIKE”.


  The content of the great fresco – conceived and carried out by Laurenţiu Dimişcă within colleague – brother-type of cooperation with ten children of the “Elena Doamna” Services Centre in Piatra-Neamt, includes, synthetically, the message of salvation! A unanimous symbol accepted and understood in all its essential meanings all over the world, remains the arch. Noah’s mission is taken by Dimişcă’s project, to a different level. He meant to take on board the arch fragile beings with an uncertain destiny, exposed to everyone’s bias, by involving them in a minutely created graphical construction under the supervision of two guardian angels. The fare was paid for by the work, the love for work, the availability for generous and uninterested actions, and the consuming desire to successfully complete the project – arch. A coordinating principle remains Voltaire’s aphorism: “Work keeps three great evils away from us: vice, worry and need”. Laurenţiu Dimişcă could easily have found several people to execute, fast and in a professional manner, his orders, saving the pedagogical effort required by such a profound project, by creating a similar painting. Involving those ten children (boys and girls alike) required, on the other hand, their understanding of every bit of the work, from colours to the meaning and message of the fresco. The children did not take in the project lacking anything else to do. What are they suppose to do with the image and publicity, which neither fill their tummies nor offer any guarantee of a place in a cynical society, willing rather to turn them down than understand or accept them?

  Dimişcă’s ten collaborators set off with devotion and the overall understanding of the project, which is quite rare! Dimişcă had teen faithful collaborator beside him, ten loyal comrades, ten fanatics who knew their lesson well. Laurenţiu took his heart out of his chest and raised it at the height of his love to lighten the paths of life for those ten just like a Prometheus-type of Eastern legendary hero, Danko, immortalised in a thrilling story signed by Maxim Gorki: Danko’s Heart of Fire. It was a red-hot, exuberant working process unfolding in a dynamic, unconstraint manner, only on the high and pure frequencies of the heart. This is maybe why the work was completed in record-breaking time, far ahead of the deadline. The record itself does not offer many explanations. However, for a pedagogically oriented projection, a spark of the thorns that made Jesus’ forehead bleed decanted in this team: “Love thy fellow man as you love thyself.”


Some years ago, Laurenţiu Dimişcă found himself a place, in a Viking’s arch – the “VERT” Gallery owned by Mr Cornel Agăleanu, a promoter of arts who supported and brought joy to many artists. Ever since, the artist’s harsh path has been on the rise. A path not without the anger of fate, ripping without warning and beyond retrieve, chunks of health off you. Having paid his blood tribute to date, Dimişcă went on the relay from Cornel Agăleanu who passed it on, building in his turn an arch of love where there is room enough for the disinherited and waste of fate. He multiplied the biblical gift by a similar gesture.

 Dr Laurenţiu Dimişcă: “Abandoned children tend to grow up before their time, living thus a sand and bleak childhood. They lack maternal love, the safety of the ‘home’, the family peace of mind and heart. Labelled by us as beggars, thieves and ‘bush-dwellers’, these children grow up into tomorrow’s offenders. Psychological research has proved that the label attached to abandoned children will influence their future; these children are unstable from an emotional point of view and highly receptive to exterior stimuli. My goal in this project is to offer them a chance and make them wish to become something else, integrate in society, make them wish to discover moral values and principles. I reach out my hand to them wanting to prove them that they important to society as well, and if they make the least of efforts, they will get rid of the label.

The children abandoned in state-run foster homes, then attending normal schools, most often become, homeless children prone to juvenile delinquency, drug consumption, etc. At the end of the day, it is about children abandoned by parents, who try to make a room in a society lacking both understanding and mercy.

The objective of this project is to give a chance to children discriminated by society, to make them do something useful, to help them discover themselves, to believe that there is nothing wrong in being different. The project “Homeless Children – Our Children, Nobody’s Children” meets the local community’s need to promote modern social standards, social dialogue; it helps social integration as well as the moral and psychic development of abandoned children and generally of local values.”

Text: Mihail-Sorin Gaidau

Photography: C.M. IMAGO

Note: The photos are offered courtesy of C.M. IMAGO

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