The Big Family

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Laurentiu Dimisca – the visual artist – and ten children with artistic skills completed a work show, a mural painting, in the assembly hall of the “Elena Doamna” Services Centre.

The work – entitled “The Big Family”, or “Love on Strike” – symbolises the idea of being shipwrecked in life, which everyone has their fair share of – “I symbolized this by painting a ship sailing through life and two angels who are hugging and protecting the world.

This is an “al secco” work (i.e. acryl directly on the wall). It is a free approach by means of which the children learned how to carry out a work on such a surface.

The characters in the work hold a heart and each child represented the heart in their own way, leaving thus a mark of their personality. Each of them drew a European Union member state flag or another flag in the world. The extremely bright colours used can heat every child’s soul.

Owing to my free and unique style, my collaboration with these children was a success and, in the very near future (end of December), we will organize the varnishing day.

This work is my way of reminding some people that these children should not be forgotten and that they too must benefit from everything beautiful in this world.”


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