The Cardiopathy of Eros and Other Stories

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The Cardiopathy of Eros and Other Stories

There is a world of cynical ecstasy! The bad things have been always a source for  creative delirium. The famous law of compensation! Larenţiu Dimişcă, a very young painter from Piatra-Neamţ, is a genius painter but he also has an unfortunate edgy life-experience which seems to mark his  (in Wertherian sense) adolescence’s sensibility.

At Brâncuşi  Gallery, in the great building of the Romanian Parliament(with access from the Izvor Park) this artist enters in Bucureşti “agora” with an impetuosity unshaded of any complex, worthy of a famous master. 21 days  of chromatic and narrative exuberance, painting one hundred percent, which I recommend to all who wants, initiated or not, because first of all Laurenţiu Dimişcă is a formidable story teller, from the rare kind of picaresque artists of the world like Borges, Carpenter, Salinger and Creangă who, mutatis mutandis, seem to be the closest to our young contemporary artist.

I am writing these still under enthusiasm. I discovered him few years ago at “Lascăr Vorel” Salon, in his hometown, amongst more than one hundred competing artists. The force of his plastic visions, the colors which resemble the primitive art of the Red Indians or Africans (some hyper-aesthetic comments were calling this “caprice” as style and technique to belong to the raw art), the liberty (carefully controlled!) of the composition, the admirable line in forms elaboration, the fascinating candidness of  the plastic poetics and not the last, the frankness of the communication dressed in an exotic melange of symbols and imagery parabola, many of them with a diffuse heroic content in which totemic art, medieval lights, Gothic painted glass windows, icons painted on wood or glass here in Romania, antique mural painting, all of these filling with meanings and with an extraordinary playful virtuosity a visual universe, expressive and spectacular.

A rarely thing speaking of the contemporary art-more preoccupied by the experimental and innovative temptations, emptied by any substance and sensitive or rational tension, Laurenţiu Dimişcă is in his generation the promise and the indisputable argument that the art has the renewal seeds in itself and in his own means. Nothing from what will be progress in art will be out of its nature. This is the reason that the art of Dimişcă and others like him is exponential for the authenticity and the greatness of the aesthetic ideals of the humanity, beyond any heretical and patological behaviours circumscribed unfortunately to the deceiving imposture which obstinately parasitize the culture and the spirituality of the people from all over the world.

Who is though Laurenţiu Dimişcă? Alumnus of Art University from Cluj, class of Professor Csato, Master of Arts, under the co-ordination University Rector, the painter Ioan Sbârciu(2002), being only from three years member of the national painter’s organization. In his late 20′ he had a severe life experience which marked his destiny and radicalized his plastic discourse and entire life’s philosophy. His present exhibition is a almost baroque outburst of a such a dramatic and visceral feeling, in which the plastic discourse has an exceptional symbolic and semantic load, very coherent in its own value system and rational connections, in which the biology germinated the explosive, playful verve and the particular narrative passion, avoiding the shallowness of the cartoons.

An artist who builds up his work even from the beginning with such a humor, such a superiorly assumed consciousness, which converts the bitterness, the fear and tiredness in a grotesque game, creating an imagistic universe, eccentric, Rablesian and Cantemirian is the same time, has the indisputable right to enter in the Citadel with the royal escutcheon of the chosen ones.

Corneliu Antim – Art critic

“Ziarul de duminică”, o.19/301 from 19th of May 2006


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