What is Alternative Art?

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What is Alternative Art?

I call ALTERNATIVE ART all the forms of current artistic expression distancing itself from the official Contemporary Art. These works are the emanation of contemporary artists worrying not at all about modes, about official trends, or about the market.

Their concern remains the creative freedom… The art without freedom has no sense and no interest. It is no more and no less only a product of consumption like many others.

It goes without saying that creative freedom is necessarily accompanied by an intact imagination, which has not been disturbed or polluted by social functions, and of course the more fertile because the more we cultivate it and the more it develops…

The social and political role of these alternative artists is indisputable. They are witnesses of the oddities of our iconoclastic world. They denounce it and call us reflect on our lives and the future of our societies, of our planet. We can consider them as “green” artists philosophers.

Despise the merchants of the Temple and reflect with them on a human dimension future where the main objective is to create a better world, free and respectful of our minds, our cultures, our roots…

It is high time to give a clean sweep! The alternative artists invite us to do it with them…



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