You are my Paintings

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“You are my Paintings”

Looking for an universal communication this artist hesitates between art, madness and humor. The visitor, caught in this whirl of images, oscillates  between laugh and emotion. Dimişcă paints the life, love, human relations and even love affairs with pleasure and amusement. The detail is calculated, nothing is random. This goes even regarding the frames, frames which emanates ideas also. The combination of vivid colors (apple green, orange, yellow, electric blue…) is exceptionally harmonious and very far from the works we usually see here.

 Would that be cultural difference or artistic boldness? This specialist in the raw art knows how difficult is to express doubts, fears and joys. So that he mixes in his paints emotions of a child and of a naughty adult as well, looking towards people, towards the others who are part of himself. “You are my paintings” says Laurenţiu Dimişcă. In all these self-portraits you find yourself, you get lost, you stumble! Come outside under the great sun, hurry up to Beaulieu, for the sake’s of charming your sights.

(in “Le Progres”, Monday, 27th of March 2007)


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