L’Art en Marche

L’Art en Marche

Opened by the Art Association in March 1997, the Musee de l’Art Brut in Lapalisse is a unique space in France. It is a reference for all connoisseurs and lovers of Art Brut.

In the image of its exterior facade, the museum has in its walls works equally exceptional as unexpected.

You will discover, on 2600 m2, over 150 artists of all nationalities, together with passion over the last fifteen years by the gallery owner and art lover Luis Marcel.

Pile up in this former leather factory converted into art and cultural area, hundreds of often brightly colored works from which emerge a freshness and spontaneity that revive our senses.

The Museum of Art en Marche is actually a museum in motion, governed entirely by the movement. These non-standard creative, all self-taught, are unpredictable and innovative. It will thus be surprised by the encounter huge totems Jacquy Chevasson; amused by the characters of chewed paper by Anette Drost as The Wizard, The Pupil; moved, shockedand attracted by the curious Micheline Jacques’s installation made of 104 foam characters.

As the multiplicity of sensations felt in that place, the variety of techniques and the unusual materials make the charm and the novelty of this museum.

”This is a popular art, an art of everybody, for everybody”, likes saying Luis Marcel, Director of the museum, and indeed, the originality and the variety of the presented works allow a very wide public to access it. Specialists in non-initiated, all and the pleasure and the surprise there to roam in this creative labyrinth and to discover this marginal art, so often ignored.

This interest has naturally led the association to develop workshops of artistic practices and becomes an educational tool where children and artists meet every Wednesday and collaborate enthusiastically.

Courses open in all are offered every summer in the museum. Animated by artists, these training courses aim to understand and to practice various artistic techniques and allow everyone to express himself or herself and to leave free rein to his imagination.

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